China Zhigong Party of Jiangsu Province Visiting in Cambridge


Invited by Cambridge CEEDS Society, the representatives from China Zhigong Party of Jiangsu Province led by Vice President HUANG Yinhui visited Cambridge on November 8 to communicate with scholars and students. During the dinner arranged by CEEDS, representatives from Zhigong Party introduced themselves and had a pleasant discussion with the invited representatives from Cambridge.

The invited students and scholars are from a variety of levels and subjects: master, PhD, Post-doc or visiting scholars. Most of them expressed their strong wish to seek employment back in China. Zhigong Party representatives made it a point that there were many opportunities now in China and it would be a golden time to go back to realize one’s ambitions.

After the dinner, a presentation was held by the delegation to introduce the Jiangsu Province ‘Yinfeng Project’, which aims at attracting more talents to go back to China. At first, President Huang introduced the nature and mission of Zhigong Party and the general environment of Jiangsu Province. Mr. Su from Jiangsu Employment Service Centre elaborated the conditions and policies for start-up business in Jiangsu Province and preparation work needed beforehand.

Finally, CEEDS and Zhigong Party of Jiangsu Province signed an ‘Agreement of Cooperation’ so as to better promote ‘Yinfeng Project’ in UK and attract more talents to go back to China for career development.