Opening ceremony of Mr. YANG Xiaomin’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition

Cultural Exchanges

The opening ceremony of Mr. YANG Xiaomin’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition was held at the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge on Monday 21st October. Themed “Northern China Villages”, this exhibition displays 20 paintings by Mr. YANG who is from Nanjing University Oriental Artworks Centre. Present in the opening ceremony include Chinese Embassy representative Ms. FENG Xinzeng, the Michaelhouse Centre manager Ms. Sue Binns and scholars and artists from Cambridge.

Ms. Feng of the Chinese Embassy came all the way from London for the opening event. She thought highly of the exhibition because it ‘has played an important role in strengthening cultural exchange’ between UK and China. Ms. Binns, the Centre manager while expressing her appreciation of the artworks, made it obvious that Michaelhouse was an excellent venue for such a Chinese painting exhibition. Mr. YANG then thanked the guests for their presence and described the background of his creation. He said painting can transcend language barriers and holding an exhibition in Cambridge has been his wish for long. The exhibition announced its opening with warm applause from the crowd. After the ceremony, guests stayed for another hour, viewing and chatting with Mr. YANG, while enjoying the drinks and cakes provided.

The exhibition organised by CEEDS will be on for two weeks till 3rd November. We believe the exhibition is a window for people in Cambridge to experience Chinese culture and an encouragement for CEEDS to work harder for its mission. 

Accompanied by CEEDS members, Mr. Yang visited the Cambridge Leys School in the afternoon and gave an interesting Chinese painting workshop to the art students at Leys. Surrounded by staff and students of the Art Department, Mr. Yang began the workshop with an introduction of the basic idea and tools of Chinese painting, comparing to the western style.  Yang then demonstrated how to paint in traditional style, of an old man and his dog, while explaining the techniques. People showed enthusiasm when Mr. Yang finished the painting with pressing the personal seal at one corner. The students then tried painting their own pictures, with Chinese brush and ink prepared by Mr. Yang. Before long, Yang was amazed by the sophistication showed in the paintings by the students, and encouraged them to try more with the brush in the future. At the end of the one-hour workshop, Yang and The Leys teachers exchanged gifts and happily took a group photo.