Presentation of Shanghai Jiaotong University gave a speech at CEEDS Higher Education Forum

Educational Events

The opening of CHiEF (CEED Higher Education Forum) has been formally announced on November 27th in Newnham College of Cambridge University. CEEDS was greatly pleased to have President ZHANG Jie of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) as its kickoff speaker. Right after a long flight journey from China, President Zhang arrived at Newnham College and delivered a talk to Cambridge students and scholars on the recent development of higher education in China and SJTU in particular.

At 7pm, the Lucia Windsor Auditorium of Newnham College saw the coming of many students and scholars here for President Zhang’s talk. Among them, some are interested in the higher education in China; some keen on finding job opportunities in education in China; and others are simply President Zhang’s ‘fans’ expecting to see him in Cambridge. Amid warm applause President Zhang entered the auditorium. On behalf of CEEDS, Dr. Jun Kong presented the gifts to President Zhang. They are three mugs with prints of famous alumnas from Newnham College, and among them are the well-known biophysicist Rosalind Franklin and archeologist Dorothy Garrod. President Zhang pleasantly accepted the gift.

President Zhang commenced his speech by describing the origin of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). Formerly founded as Nanyang Public School, SJTU is one of the oldest universities in China. President Zhang manifested with figures the efforts and achievements of SJTU in its pursuit of becoming a world-renowned university during the past few years, especially after 2006. Apart from As he pointed out, ‘hardware’ represents only a part of the story, so what SJTU strived to do is to form a unique culture which suits its development the best. At last, President Zhang expressed his wish and confidence in a better future for both SJTU and high education in China in general.

The audience got excited with the much awaited Q&A session coming. Some student was curious about the comparison between universities’ past and present in China; some scholar asked President Zhang about the policies of going back to work in SJTU; still some were interested in the story behind the former NBA player YAO Ming’s admission into SJTU for study. Time flied with many questions elaborately answered, leaving laughter yet much consideration.

What is more, SJTU Alumni Association UK (SJTU-AAUK) was launched at the University of Cambridge, with the opening being held in Downing College. CEEDS would like to extend its gratefulness to SJTU-AAUK for offering great in helping organizing this event.